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solar water heater manufacturer

A Customized Residential Heating Solution

Solar Hitech offers a first of its kind solution for builders and building Promoters called the “Share and Save” solution which helps reduce water wastage in buildings. This solution specifically addresses the needs of multi-storeyed apartments and helps save electricity by eliminating the need to install electric water heaters in individual bathrooms.

Solution  Design

solar water heater manufacturer

A bulk capacity solar water heater is designed based on the approximate requirements of the number of apartments in the building. Hot water pipe lines run from the common heating solution to the individual flats.

Separate solenoid valves along with an electronic flow meter are provided to control the flow of water to each apartment. This enables the user to set the volume of water required for each flat. This setting can be varied according to the demand by the flat user at any time.

solar water heater manufacturer
solar water heater manufacturer

A 24 hour clock is provided and the user can set the time at which the hot water has to be allowed to the all flats (both ON time and OFF time).  The user can also see the temperature of water in the heater in the display provided on the tank.


solar water heater manufacturer

Electricity Cost Reduction 

This solution will reduce electricity bills for apartments by eliminating the need to install electric geysers in individual apartments, which is currently the easiest solution to avoid differences in demand for hot water in apartments.

solar water heater manufacturer

Convenience & Reduction in Water Wastage

Users can set the volume of water required for each flat, and choose the appropriate volume as per demands of the flat. This will result in controlled consumption and reduce water wastage. 

solar water heater manufacturer


The apartment management can bill individual flat owner severy month according to the quantity of water per day allotted to them. This can be worked out based on average cost of water per 100 Litres, the cost of energy consumed by back up heating system and the cost of maintenance of the system.


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