High Quality Solar Pumps for Maximum Discharge and reduced electricity costs.


The Juno line of solar submersible pumps is a boon to enterprises where conventional electricity is unreliable for irrigation and water usage purposes.

The pumps are designed to ensure consistent water output year on year along with an integrated set of long-lasting modules and supporting components.

The series is available across a variety of power needs and can be customized for AC/DC based operations.


solar system water

Reliable Power supply

High quality modules to ensure continuous power supply to operate pumps.

solar system water

Long Operating Life

Rugged system, controller and structures to ensure long life.

solar system water

High and consistent volumes of discharge

Consistently high discharge maintenance at various operating heads.

solar system water

Reduced Fuel Costs

No reliance on expensive Diesel

DC Submersible Pumps

HP Solar Panel Wattage Solar Hitech Pumping System Model Head Range (Mtr) Flow Range Litres Per day
1 1200 Wp JN1200DC 30-45 54000-25200
2 1800 Wp JN1800DC 30-45 66000-32400
2 3000 Wp JN3000DC 30-45 90000-54000

AC Submersible Pumps

HP Solar Panel Wattage Solar Hitech Pumping System Model Head Range (Mtr) Flow Range Litres Per day
1 1200 Wp JN1200AC 20-40 54000-24000
2 2000 Wp JN2000AC 20-45 92000-47000
3 3000 Wp JN3000AC 30-45 110000-81000
5 5000 Wp JN5000AC 30-45 152000-120600
7.5 7500 Wp JN7500AC 30-45 180000-160000

Key Features

  • Range of Pumps from 0.5HP to 300 HP
  • Suitable for day time irrigation, 6-8 hours of operation
  • Long Life rugged Pump controller
  • MPPT Tracking for maximum efficiency
  • Delivery at your doorstep
  • Simple Installation and no maintenance
solar system water

Component Specifications

solar system water
  • As per MNRE specifications of Government of India
  • Made from high quality Stainless Steel and stays rust-free when in touch with water
  • Galvanised iron mounting structure for long life
  • Optional auto or manual operating systems
  • Advanced safety features including dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightning arrestor
  • Wide operating temperature range 0-50 Degree Celsius
  • More efficient as it draws lower current
  • Indigenous design so easy availability of spare parts, backed by a nationwide service network

VFD Drive/Controller Specifications

  • Variable Speed Drive to run pump motors
  • Designed to convert DC from Solar Array to AC and supply to motor
  • Auto-switch to grid power or generator in the absence of solar power
  • Dry Run protection i.e. switch off if no water, preventing blockage
  • Regulates pump load to optimize for maximum power transfer from solar array
  • Zinc plated for rain resistance, animal intrusion and prolonged sunlight exposure
  • LCD display to display system status and to run diagnostics
solar system water

Warranty Support/Maintenance

solar system water

25 years performance warranty on PV modules

solar system water

1 year warranty on other components

solar system water

Extended warranty available on request


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