Domestic FPC Solutions

Solar Hitech’s line of Flat Plate Collector (FPC Solar Water Heater) solar thermal solutions are designed to fulfill water heating needs for residential/domestic consumers, commercial enterprises & small/medium sized businesses.

FPC technology uses flat glass panels, which contain copper/aluminium tubes for circulating water/fluids to generate heat and transfer it to the fluid.


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Noon Time Tracking

Peak sun tracking at noon-time

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Strong Collectors

Toughened to withstand high thermal stress and inclement weather/animal impact

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Long Lasting

Long life collectors

Flat Plate Collector Specifications

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Our FPC solar water heater systems consist of collectors with efficient absorbers that ensure maximum heat transfer.

The collector specifications are as follows:

  • Absorber made of electro grade copper with selective black chrome coating
  • Raiser: Copper tube Diameter: 12.5 mm +/- 0.5 mm, 0.56 mm thick
  • Header: Copper tube Diameter: 25 mm +/- 0.5 mm, 0.71 mm thick
  • High quality brazing for raiser/header bonding & ultrasonic welding for fin/raiser tubes
  • 4 mm thick toughened glass glazing
  • Absorptance > 96%, Emittance  < 2 %
  • 63 mm diameter brass flanges for absorber connections               

FPC System Specifications

FPC Solar Thermal Solutions

Verda – Non-Pressurized FPC Systems

The Verda line of non-pressurized FPC systems can be used in residential and commercial installations and work well to fulfill domestic water heating, hospitals, hotels and textile, chemical plants, brewing and dairy industry requirements. The systems are designed to work under gravity flow and come with an insulated water storage tank, flat panel collectors and support structures.


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Verda +

solar solutions

Systems are available in the following capacities – 100 LPD, 150 LPD, 200 LPD, 250 LPD, 300 LPD, 400 LPD, 500 LPD and above

Turbo – Pressurized FPC Systems

The Turbo line of pressurized FPC systems can be used in pressurized water heating for jacuzzi/showers, commercial and industrial establishments. Our off-the-shelf pressurized systems work at a stand operating pressure of 3 Bar, while for higher pressures, we offer customized systems with the stainless steel heat exchanger technology that can withstand working pressures starting 4 Bar and above.


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Turbo +

solar solutions

Systems are available in the following capacities – 100 LPD, 150 LPD, 200 LPD, 250 LPD, 300 LPD, 400 LPD, 500 LPD and above

Warranty Support/Maintenance

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5 year replacement warranty on tanks, stands and collectors

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Glass covering on FPC collectors does not carry any warranty coverage

solar solutions

Extended warranty available on request


We are here to kickstart your journey towards going solar!

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