Reliable, effective and 24×7 lantern solutions for rural areas


The EOS series of solar portable lanterns by Solar Hitech provides sustainable lighting to people without access to electricity. Our solar lanterns are a cheap and cost-effective way to bring lighting to places where reliable lighting is yet to be available.

Solar Portable Lanterns


  • Smart battery management system with battery charging, low battery/load cut-off indications
  • System components with built in reverse polarity, battery over-charge/deep discharge, over load and short circuit protection.
  • Conformal coated PCB with rugged-solder free connectors.
  • Constant current LED Drivers.


  • PV Solar module – 5 Wp and 10 Wp variants.
  • High efficiency LED Lamps – 3 W and 5 W variants
  • Sealed batteries : 4.5 Ah and 7.2 Ah
  • Mounting and cable accessories

Technical Specifications

Model  Load PV Module Battery Autonomy Backup
ES-1 3W LED 6V, 5 Wp 6V, 4.5 Ah 3-4Hrs / 3 Days
ES-2 5W LED 12V, 10Wp 12V, 7.2Ah 3-4Hrs / 3 Days

*Other customized models available on request and as per requirements


solar roof panels
  • Long life and durable for year round use
  • Extremely safe with no dependence on grid or kerosene for power
  • Continuous, flicker free light up to 16 long hours
  • Saves up to Rs 4,000 per year on kerosene consumption.

Warranty Support/Maintenance

solar roof panels

25 years performance warranty on PV modules

solar roof panels

Standard 1 year warranty on other components

solar roof panels

Extended warranty available on request


We are here to kickstart your journey towards going solar!