solar roof panels

Rooftop On-Grid Systems


Save on monthly electricity bills and sell surplus power back to the grid


As the cost of electricity from the grid increases annually, consumers and enterprises must find a cheap alternate source of electricity that can be generated efficiently, consumed locally and distributed as surplus.

Solar Hitech delivers Solar Grid-Tie/On-Grid Systems that can generate electricity for residential, commercial and industrial clients. The system uses solar Photo-voltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity, that can then be used to run appliances. The use of high-efficiency, low maintenance PV panels and inverters ensures maximum power conversion and delivery for consumption or transmission to the grid.


solar roof panels

Save Electricity, Go Green

Offset grid electricity costs with solar generated electricity and reduce your carbon footprint

solar roof panels

Long Life & Low Maintenance Asset

 25 years performance warranty and low maintenance costs

solar roof panels

Earn on Surplus Power

Supply surplus power generated to the grid and earn rebates

solar roof panels

Tax Benefits

Earn depreciation and tax benefits on your installed asset

Solar PV On-Grid System Design

An On-Grid Solar PV system consists of

  • Solar PV Modules that convert solar energy into DC power
  • Solar Grid-Tie Inverters to convert DC output of module into grid suitable electricity
  • Bi-Directional meter to measure number of units consumed and exported from/to grid
  • Cables and Accessories
solar roof panels

Solar PV On-Grid Systems – Technical Specifications

Model Name* Description PV Module Grid-Tie Inverter Estimated Roof Space (Sq ft) Estimated Units (KWH) Generated Annually**
RSOG1000 1 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 4 1 KVA 100 ~ 200 1,500
RSOG2000 2 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 8 2 KVA 200 ~ 300 3,000
RSOG3000 3 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 12 3 KVA 300 ~ 500 4,500
RSOG5000 5 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 20 5 KVA 500 ~ 700 7,500
RSOG7000 7 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 28 7 KVA 700 ~ 1000 10,500
RSOG10000 10 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 40 10 KVA 1000 ~ 1200 15,000
RSOG15000 15 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 60 15 KVA 1500 ~ 2000 20,000
RSOG20000 20 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 80 20 KVA 2000 ~ 2500 25,000
RSOG50000 50 KW On-Grid 250 Wp x 200 50 KVA 5000 ~ 6000 60,000


* Shown upto 50 KW, can be scaled up based on requirement
**Actual units generated dependent on actual sunshine hours at location of installation

Solar PV On-Grid – Other Components

  • Inverters
    • Single phase inverters upto 3 KVA
    • Three phase inverters from 5 KVA onwards
    • MPPT tracking for maximum efficiency
  • Module mounting
    • MS Hot Dip Galvanized Structure
    • Floor mounting or roof mounting
  • Accessories
    • Array Junction Box (AJB) & Array Distribution
    • Earthing and Lightning Arrestor Kit
  • Bi-directional Meter
solar roof panels

The Solar Hitech Advantage

solar roof panels

Dependable and Reliable Technology

We choose the best components to ensure a system that lasts long

solar roof panels

Quick Installation

Once we assess your site, we design a best-fit solution and ensure a trouble free installation

solar roof panels

Trusted Service & Support

We know the solar business and will support you through the product lifetime

Warranty Support/Maintenance

solar roof panels

25 years performance warranty on PV modules

solar roof panels

Standard 1 year warranty on other components

solar roof panels

Extended warranty available on request


We are here to kickstart your journey towards going solar!

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