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Rooftop Off-Grid Systems

24 x 7 stand-alone solar energy with no power cuts!

Electricity from the grid is not an ever-reliable source to power your homes or businesses. In rural areas, the lack of grid connectivity makes it even more difficult to run daily lives.

Solar Hitech delivers Solar PV Off-Grid Systems that provide an affordable, clean and uninterrupted source of energy that allow for critical power that can be supplied anytime, anywhere. These off-grid systems can be used for a wide range of applications starting from lighting a single bulb in a rural home to powering an entire village or ensuring uninterrupted power to urban homes or businesses.


solar solutions

Stable and Reliable Power

Avoid unscheduled power cuts and ensure 24 hr  electricity availability

solar solutions

Long Life & Low Maintenance Asset

 25 years performance warranty and low maintenance costs

solar solutions

Eliminate Diesel and Other Fuel Costs

Reduce or eliminate dependence on diesel or other fossil fuels for backup

solar solutions

Short Payback & Tax Benefits

Payback within 3-4 years and tax benefits on asset depreciation

Solar PV Off-Grid System Design

An Off-Grid Solar PV system consists of

  • Solar PV Modules that convert solar energy into DC power
  • Hybrid/Off-Grid Inverters to convert DC output of module into AC power for loads
  • Batteries to store solar power and supply to loads during power cuts
  • Cables and Accessories
solar solutions

Solar Power Solutions for Petrol Pumps

  • Petrol pumps runs huge diesel generator costs due to power cuts
  • Customized petrol pump designs to provide stable power to keep pumps running all the time.
  • Investment payback within 2-3 years ensures there are savings for a large portion of the product lifetime.
solar solutions
solar solutions

Solar UPS for Homes, Hostels and Rural applications

  • Essential loads for homes such as bedroom lights, fans, TV, washrooms can be powered by solar off-grid systems.
  • Solar UPS can charge battery backups during day time and power essential loads at night or during power cuts
  • Smart switching between grid power and solar power with efficient charging of battery loads for long life and low maintenance.
  • Customized design for your home or residential application

Solar Power for Commercial Businesses

  • Reliable power for banks, hospitals, hotels and commercial showrooms
  • Power mission critical components of your business with solar generated power, that never gives up on you.
  • 24X7 backup power for computers, fans/air conditioning, servers, office lighting and washrooms.
  • Savings on monthly electricity bills and protection against load shedding/blackouts
solar solutions

The Solar Hitech Advantage

solar solutions

Dependable and Reliable Technology

We choose the best components to ensure a system that lasts long

solar solutions

Quick Installation

Once we assess your site, we design a best-fit solution and ensure a trouble free installation

solar solutions

Trusted Service & Support

We know the solar business and will support you through the product lifetime

Warranty Support/Maintenance

solar solutions

25 years performance warranty on PV modules

solar solutions

Standard 1 year warranty on other components

solar solutions

Extended warranty available on request


We are here to kickstart your journey towards going solar!

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