Vasulal International

Client Name: Vasulal International

Project Type : Textile (Commercial) Enterprise, Solar PV

System Capacity: 15 KW On-Grid Solution

Location: Kannur, Kerala

System Type: Solar Grid-Tie PV

Client Background

Located in Kannur, Vasulal International is a textile/garment manufacturer and exporter. The firm primarily exports premium fabrics to Europe and Australia and come with many decades of experience in the textile sectors.

Project Background

The client has multiple sites including a fabrication unit, storage godowns and packing/forwarding facilities across Kannur. Due to the nature of its operations, the client was incurring heavy monthly electricity costs across all their facilities. The annual electricity bill of the client across multiple sites was approximately Rs. 5,00,000. The client wanted to set up a rooftop ongrid solar system that could generate surplus power, feed it to the grid and through rebates, reduce their monthly electricity bills.

Solution & Benefits

On being awarded the project,the Solar Hitech team did an extensive site survey, analyzed the client’s available space to install a system and interacted with local electricity board representatives to get prior approvals.

Once the approvals were in place, the Solar Hitech team suggested a 15 KW project as per the allowable guidelines to help offset the client’s electricity bills. The team made a custom design, procured materials, installed and commissioned the system. Once the system was installed, the team went and got the required approvals to synchronize the solar grid with the main grid. A bidirectional meter was installed to measure the monthly savings on bill, based on energy fed back to the grid.

The project was successfully synchronized with the grid, and based on projections, is expected to save the client 35% of their annual electricity bill.. The project would recover its cost in just over 5 years and breakeven on the investment.

Client Testimonials

“We engaged with Solar Hitech because of a promise of savings by switching to solar. By installing a rooftop solar PV system, we are now able to reduce our electricity costs and realize better profitability. We are happy with the design, installation and commissioning of the system and the services delivered by Solar Hitech.”


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