Prabhu, Engineer, Cloud 9 Villas, Bangalore

We have installed Solar Hitech solutions for customers in our villas in Bangalore. As the maintenance engineer for the villas, we believe their products are much better than most other manufacturers. The heating efficiency of these systems is quite good and satisfies our customers.

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wnladmin59_45Prabhu, Engineer, Cloud 9 Villas, Bangalore

Vinod Kumar, Sunlab Energy, Kerala

My firm has been a retailer for Solar Hitech thermal solutions for the last 2 years. We believe their products deliver value for price and are of the highest quality. We are quite happy with the after sales service and support from their team as well

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wnladmin59_45Vinod Kumar, Sunlab Energy, Kerala

Sabapathy, Owner, Deepam Solar, Tamil Nadu

We have been distributing Solar Hitech water heaters for the last 3 years. We have a very good opinion of their product quality and find customers preferring their brand in our market. We believe they place their customers and retail partners above all.

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wnladmin59_45Sabapathy, Owner, Deepam Solar, Tamil Nadu